Capsules come in packs of 5 or bottles of 30, available in 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250mg doses.

We recommend starting with multiple sample packs to find which blend works best for you.

Select a product to view the variable doses and ingredients.

Inner Peace – “The Awakening”

Reduce Stress | Balance Mood | Enhance Creativity

Brain Booster – “Mental Mastery”

Focus | Cognition | Mental Clarity

Adaptogen Blend – “Alignment”

Natural Calm | Balance | Stress-Less

Two Bottle Bundle – Get 10% Off

Any 2 Bottles. 30 Capsules Each.
Ceremonial Blend

Ceremonial Blend – “The Journey”

Inner Connection | Higher Wisdom | Guidance Within

The Amplifier

100% Syrian Rue – “The Amplifier”

Potentiates The Effects of SoulCybin Products

Sample Pack: 5 capsules

Prices From $10

Sample Packs: 3 bags x 5 capsules

Buy 3, Get 15% Off

Sample Packs: 5 bags x 5 capsules

Buy 5, Get 20% Off

Sample Packs: 8 bags x 5 capsules

Buy 8, Get 30% Off

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