You are your VIPS

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Who am I, I do not know
Why is it that sometimes I just feel as if I am stowed
Away, on a ship sailing God knows where
Perhaps it shall be that some place way out there
I shall find me

We nurture the growth areas of excellence by emerging the full potential of individuals from the building blocks of their Values, Interests, Preferences and Skills (VIPS). We are each special, but just what makes us unique from each other? Using our VIPS Following Leadership® framework will help you understand who you are in terms of your:

  • Values – what you hold as important,
  • Interests – what you enjoy doing,
  • Preferences – how you like to do things, and
  • Skills – what you are good at.

As following leaders, we must first understand who we are, then seek to understand who others are around us. Only then can we create the best motivational environment to match our unique life gifts.

Jimmy was a rather quiet boy in his class with few friends. His parents and teachers were concerned, as he did not want to participate much in class discussions. However, by observing him further, his teachers noticed that Jimmy shared a great concern and interest for animals. He was also good in drawing. Working to his strengths, Jimmy was supported and encouraged to express himself more in drawing pictures of animals. His friends marvelled at and appreciated his talents. Soon, Jimmy began to be more expressive as he shared his work and helped others during art class.

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