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Thinking & Creativity programmes

“I love the class!”
~ Harriz, Loyang Primary School, P1

“We had fun.”
~ Natalina, Loyang Primary School, P1

“I like the teachers.”
~ Avendano, Tao Nan Primary School, P1

“Very interesting. I learnt about rhymes and life cycles.”
~ Reagan Leow, Tao Nan Primary School, P3

“I learnt how to respect the teachers.”
~ Roscoe, Tao Nan Primary School, P4

“I learnt how to identify key points, and to find relationships between the points, instead of just learning the whole paragraph.”
~ Student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I learnt how to be flexible in the mind, to look at the big picture and to see how it all connects.”
~ Student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I learnt how to apply different perspectives to the subject content.”
~ Ngoh Hui Ting, student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I can analyse and break down difficult questions.”
~ Student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I learnt to systematise points and to study smart.”
~ Student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I learnt note-taking skills, and how to think and group information.”
~ Fu Dai Fa, student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“It provides a simple format to memorise.”
~ Chin Yong, student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I learnt to think faster.”
~ Lakeisha Funtusoff, student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I learnt how to understand the particular essay and find points for better and easier understanding.”
~ Student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I can learn and understand my studies better.”
~ Low Min Min, student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I learnt to think better in many ways.”
~ Sani, student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I learnt how to think and use my imagination during the workshop. It is fun!”
~ Gin Bao, YMCA School

“My favourite part of the workshop was when we talked about special ideas. We can share ideas with each other.”
~ Wang Lujia, YMCA School

“I learnt how to think better and to make good use of my knowledge. What I liked best about the workshop was using my thinking to invent new and awesome stuff!”
~ Student, YMCA School

“I have a magic brain, and I know how to use it!”
~ Student, YMCA School

“I learnt how to combine many different things together to make new inventions.”
~ Student, YMCA School

“I’ve learnt a lot of things in this lesson. It has enriched my imagination.”
~ Student, YMCA School

“I learnt how my everyday thinking process can actually be broken down, therefore identifying what is lacking in my thought process and improving it from there. This has in turn improved my learning.”
~ Student, post-Junior College

“I learnt about what comprises knowledge, and the different elements that go into thinking.”
~ Victoria Ng, student, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

“I learnt that while remembering is important, most importantly, it is the understanding!”
~ Student, Polytechnic

“I learnt different ways of overcoming and solving the challenges of a problem. There’s the Thinkers Keys to help with our decision making to improve upon something in my life.”
~ Student, Republic Polytechnic

“I know how to start on an idea using the Thinkers Keys. I learnt how to create crazy ideas from two absolutely different things using the Combination key.”
~ Student, Republic Polytechnic

“The thinking sequences are a good way of putting students through a process rather than just getting them to do random thinking. There were lots of examples given for us to relate to.”
~ Trainee teacher, National Institute of Education

“I thought about new ideas that can be used in real life. The Thinkers Keys are a wonderful and workable approach.”
~ Trainee teacher, National Institute of Education

“I learnt various ways to solve an issue. There are no standard steps or procedures. The workshop was lively and enjoyable.”
~ Trainee teacher, National Institute of Education

“The Thinkers Keys are awesome and applicable in teaching.”
~ Trainee teacher, National Institute of Education

“I learnt how thinking can be taught and deconstructed, as well as different perspectives to thinking.”
~ Teacher, Junior College

“I learnt how to make use of thinking into daily practice.”
~ Joanna, teacher, Kindergarten

“Teach me to think and I’ll learn for a lifetime!”
~ Teacher, Kindergarten

“I learnt how to classify and breakdown the way we think.”
~ Teacher, Kindergarten

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Character & Leadership programmes

“Through the MBTI, I have learnt an awareness of my own personality, especially my weakness, and know how to develop it further. I also learnt to look at issues from a bigger perspective.”
~ Magdelene, Singapore Police Force

“The information delivered on the MBTI personality type is accurate and concise to provide a useful point of view in leadership development. I can definitely apply this for my everyday life.”
~ Hairul, Singapore Police Force

“I feel inspired to read and do lots of research! Thanks for conducting this session. Before this I was really confused over what I was going to be (career) with my limited skill. But now I have some useful tips to go beyond. :)”
~ Sabrina, INTI International University & Colleges

“The trainer makes the workshop very interesting. All the information provided helps me to discover myself. I’m able to know my strengths. Now I’m very sure what I want and what I want to achieve.”
~ Yap Min, INTI International University & Colleges

“It’s too good. Love it. Keep up the good work!”
~ Daryl Wong, Nan Chiau High School

“I got to know myself better, learnt how to communicate with others more effectively, and understand how to lead with greater effectiveness.”
~ Student, Nan Chiau High School

“I learnt more about the type of person I am, and what I should do to make others comfortable.”
~ Matthew Ang, Nan Chiau High School

“I have learnt how to be a better leader, and that everyone has their similarities and differences.”
~ Eldric Lem, Nan Chiau High School

“I learn about personalities of different people, how to work with them better, and not to force them to do something they don’t want to do.”
~ Student, Nan Chiau High School

“I like the life lessons they inspired us with.”
~ Xiao Tong, Westwood Secondary School

“I learnt that teamwork and communication are very important.”
~ Student, Westwood Secondary School

“A team needs to work together to succeed.”
~ Xin Wei, Westwood Secondary School

“I got to know myself better and how to improve myself.”
~ Kimberley Chong

“I learnt what leadership is about. I learnt how to communicate with friends of different personalities. I like the team challenge activity.”
~ Student, Westwood Secondary School

“It was very fun today. I like the trainer, he is very kind.”
~ Student, Westwood Secondary School

“What I like best is learning about the extroversion, introversion, thinking and feeling types as it makes me realise more about myself.”
~ Rou Jin

“I have learnt about leadership and the type of person I am now, as well as how I can work towards being a better self. I like how the trainer engaged all of us.”
~ Student, Westwood Secondary School

“I learnt from today’s workshop about leadership and what you  want or to do for your goal in the future.”
~ Student, Westwood Secondary School

“The workshop was very interesting. Now I understand more about why certain people act in some ways. I also learnt how to interact better with people of different behavioural styles than mine.”
~ Abdul Rahman, NUS High School of Math & Science

“I’ve learnt more about myself as a person, and about my friends. I now know why it might be easier for me to socialise with some people as opposed to others, and how to relate to different people.”
~ Student, NUS High School of Math & Science

“Through this workshop, I’ve seen the character change in myself from young to my current personality. I would try to strike a balance.”
~ Keefe Wayne, NUS High School of Math & Science

“I’ve learnt more about DISC and VIPS, and I can apply this in my daily life and interactions with others. The workshop is very informative.”
~ Student, NUS High School of Math & Science

“I’ve learned how to communicate and work with people of different DISC styles. We got to know about the different types of personalities while having fun at the same time.”
~ Cheryl Lim, NUS High School of Math & Science

“Through this workshop, I’ve figured out my personal DISC traits and can apply this knowledge to improve my limitations.”
~ Student, NUS High School of Math & Science

“I’ve realised who I really am and learnt more about my personality. This knowledge can be applied in communication and working with people more effectively.”
~ Student, NUS High School of Math & Science

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Financial Literacy programmes

“I liked everything in the session! I learnt more about how to save money.”
~ Beevi, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I learnt to find discounts, to rethink my wants, and to decide whether to wait before buying something.”
~ Iklasi Begum, Bendemeer Secondary School

“What I liked the most was the teaching style of the trainer as besides teaching the content, he was interesting. I learnt how to make a budget for myself.”
~ Student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I liked the detailed explanation on spending and saving money.”
~ Joshua Lee, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I learnt how to manage my finances better. It was a very interesting talk. The trainer can speak and explain very clearly.”
~ Arul, Bendemeer Secondary School

“The game was very interesting. I learnt that money is important. I learnt how to save money for my future in order to lead a happy life.”
~ Student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I learnt that we must save money because of its importance.”
~ Khairul, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I liked the game that we played. I learnt how to spend my money wisely, and how to save my money.”
~ Kingswell Tan, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I learnt different ways to save money with low risks and high risks.”
~ Rian Rahim, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I liked the game. I learnt a lot on how to save my money and why I need to save.”
~ Student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“The trainer has taught me many things about saving money. They are kind and disciplined. Thank you!”
~ Student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I got to learn more facts about money that I did not know. I learnt what money means to me.”
~ Student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“Saving is very important for life. We can depend upon it  in emergencies. I learnt that money is not everything.”
~ Student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I’ve learnt how to control my money, and interesting insights about money. The lesson and games were fun. I am glad I have learnt many things about money.”
~ Student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“Even a small amount of money that we spend daily could reach up to thousands in a year.”
~ Student, Bendemeer Secondary School

“I learnt how to plan for a holiday. We need to learn ways to save money.”
~ Javier Chng, Bendemeer Secondary School

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