Meet the team

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team of following leaders happily strives to live out our vision, mission and values everyday. Let’s meet them now!

Hua Loon

founder & director
principal trainer 

Mr. Ling Hua Loon has been working in the field of education and training for the past 10 years across different levels from kindergarten to university, and in various experiences of teaching, management and research. He first graduated with a Bachelors of Medical Science from the University of Melbourne, Australia. His interest in education then led him to study his Certificate (TM) TESOL with Associateship of the College of Teachers (ACoT) TESOL via distance learning. He completed his MA Educational Leadership with the University of Nottingham, UK, graduating with distinction.

“My Masters’ study was into using image stories as a means of engaging others in conversation and reflection about education; to guide their choices and to map possible future scenarios of education. This led me to develop the framework model of VIPS Following Leadership® – to learn, understand and follow a person’s Values, Interests, Preferences and Skills – in order to motivate and lead them to their full creative potential and success.”

Hua Loon is a Level 1 Certified Life Coach with the Results Coaching Systems’ brain-based coaching approach, which is powered by the Neuroleadership Group. Hua Loon is also certified in the MBTI, FIRO–B, DISC, Team Management Systems (TMS), VARK and the DSRP Method. He is a certified Master Trainer for the Thinkers Keys, and has an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) by WDA Singapore.

“Perhaps it is that the cup is neither half-full, nor is it half-empty; Perhaps it is just that sometimes we have too big, or too small, a cup for the water that we have.”


Wong Mui

principal trainer

Mr. Chong Wong Mui has more than 30 years of working experience in property consultancy companies and in a large multi-national company. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Studies and a Masters of Education in Training and Development. He has an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) by WDA Singapore, and is certified to administer the MBTI personality profiling system, the DSRP Method and Thinkers Keys.

Wong Mui works with individuals and groups in the areas of spiritual development, character building, social and emotional competencies, and marriage guidance. From his many years of experience working in the corporate world and parenting of his two children, he believes strongly that everyone needs to develop strong character in order to excel in education and work, and to deal with the complex issues in life. Towards this end, he has a deep passion for the training and development of people to help them grow to their fullest potential and to live fulfilled lives.

“Our definition of success will greatly influence the way we live – our values, our decisions, our priorities, our lifestyle, our relationships with others, and even the way we bring up our children.”