Let’s meet the money family

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In our previous post, we looked at the history of money, or as how one student at my kindergarten enrichment class phrased it, the story of “How money grew up”. Just to round off on our posts about money (for now), let’s take a deeper look into the money that we are using now.

We can see that in our present day, money can be viewed as a system with notes and coins. We can call these the “notes family” and the “coins family”. The “notes family”, for example, would have its members comprising $2, $5, $50, $100, $1,000 and $10,000.

Every family has relationships between its members, and some relationships could be more complicated than others. Likewise, in the “money family”, we can study relationships between its component members; and as the diagram below shows, some relationships involve more members than others.

Of course, this is just good information, and without the experiential practice, it would be hard for children to concretise this as knowledge. At our MindLife Success’ “Let’s plan a party” enrichment class, children learn using play money which they can physically manipulate and paste unto our lesson handouts to learn these relationships.

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(article by Ling Hua Loon: hualoon@mindlifesuccess.com)

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