Essential Life Skills

We offer the following workshops for equipping you with essential and useful life skills to lead successful lives.

Learning & Thinking skills workshop

target: all
growth areaThinking & Creativity

Learn powerful and practical skills to improve your thinking and creativity for applications of life-long learning. We draw upon many powerful creative & critical thinking skills models, and researched learning & motivational pedagogies, and can fully customise the workshop to your needs.

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The DSRP Method

The DSRP Method is a universal patterns of thinking method that teaches us to be aware of, and better use, the natural, inborn processes of how we think – making Distinctions, recognising Relationships, organising Systems and taking Perspectives. DSRP is researched and developed over more than 20 years by internationally recognised experts in metacognition Drs. Cabrera and Colosi at Cornell University, USA.

The Thinker Keys

The Thinker Keys are a powerful program for teaching young people how to think, and have been used by thousands of teachers in at least 20 different countries around the world. They feature twenty powerful strategies for generating critical and creative thinking in everyday learning, and were created by Tony Ryan, an Australian learning education consultant and writer.

VARK Learning Preferences

The VARK provides us with a profile of our learning and communication preferences, as well as strategies with which to maximise our learning through the ways that we want to take-in and give-out information. VARK refers to our Visual, Auditory, Reading or Kinesthetic learning modalities, and was developed in 1987 by Neil Fleming from Lincoln University, New Zealand.

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Financial Literacy workshop

target: upper primary & lower secondary school students
growth areaCharacter

This programme will help students to think and to be creative in their management of personal finances in order to grow good character traits of financial literacy. Students will learn financial literacy knowledge and skills as they engage in hands-on activities to compete in a quiz competition, and to solve scenario-based team financial challenges, such as planning for an overseas holiday trip.

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