What we offer

MindLife Success offers education, training & coaching services in the following growth areas of excellence. Please view the different programme categories for more details.

1. Thinking

As the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, the journey of our lives in this world begins with a single thought. As we grow on, more and deeper thinking is added. However, sometimes the most complex of challenges can be solved by the simplest of solutions, just by understanding the right level of thinking that is needed. Moreover, we believe that each person is unique in how we think and what we think, as influenced by our  Values, Interests, Preferences and Skills. At MindLife Success, we not only teach good thinking skills, but also help you understand your unique thinking strengths to harness your full potential for success. Take our Crea-think-vity™ challenge today!

2. Creativity

When thinking is applied, this leads to creativity. While some may be naturally more creative than others, we believe that creativity can be taught and learnt by anyone. Moreover, we believe that creativity flows best when two heads (or more!) are indeed better than one. Through the VIPS People-Based Learning™ process and practice of divergent creativity, teamwork and communication skills to explore solutions for simple to complex issues, we can learn not just to think outside the box, but to work together to roll the box to the intended destination!

3. Character

When we are faced with turbulent and trying situations, we need to dig deep to draw forth from our well-springs of patience and resilience, so that we may remain steadfast and emerge triumphant at the end. This is the foundation of good character, and the music of life is most beautiful when it resonates with the harmony of our beliefs, values, attitudes and actions. Grow your VIPS Success™ character as we develop our social and emotional intelligences and the wisdom to deal with the different circumstances we encounter in life. Know with your Head, feel with your Heart & work with your Hands!

4. Leadership

The framework model of VIPS Following Leadership® is built upon the foundational belief that each individual has their emergent flow of Values, Interests, Preferences and Skills. Learn how you can first understand your own unique life gifts, and then to understand others, to create the best motivational environment for the full expression of our engagement. Cultivate and use this powerful mindset to roll yourself out of your box today!

To find out more, please visit the VIPS Following Leadership website.