Life & Education Coaching



Hua Loon is a Level 1 Certified Life Coach with the Results Coaching System’s brain-based coaching approach, which is powered by the Neuroleadership Group. He has a MA Educational Leadership with the University of Nottingham, UK, graduating with distinction. Hua Loon is certified in the MBTI, FIRO–B, DISC, Team Management Systems (TMS), VARK and the DSRP Method.

Together with the VIPS Following Leadership’s 7+1 step three-stage coaching model, I invite you to journey with me towards finding  success in life.

Let me roll you out of the box today!

Oh, I also like writing poems. Here’s one for us to keep on believing!

Sometimes I wish that I could fly
Spread my wings and lift up high
But I am glad that I cannot fly
Because if I could, I would not have that to wish for
And I do wish… and one day, I shall fly!