K1-P6 Enrichment

Help Jack and Jill on their adventures as they visit different lands of knowledge and meet exciting people, solving exciting challenges, and helping others along the way.

For children ages 4 – 12 years old.

Let’s plan a party!

Jill’s birthday is coming and Jack is helping her with the celebrations. Learn about financial literacy as you help plan the party. Meanwhile, Jill found a lost wallet; what should she do? In this module, children will learn about responsible money management, budgeting, needs, wants, income and lots more through interactive activities and take-home projects. At the end, they will organise and throw their very own class party!

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Our beautiful world

Join Jack and Jill as they go on a camping trip with their families. However, the camp site isn’t quite as clean as it used to be. Discover what surprises await them there, as they work together to clean the environment while learning about the ecosystem, pollution, resources, recycling, conservation, plants and animals, the weather, and lots more. Make and take home your very own ecosystem in the form of a terrarium.

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Film magic

Jack and Jill are visiting Jill’s uncle who is a famous movie director. Join them as they learn how to make a short movie project of their own using different possible media of picture illustrations, photography and videography. Learn about movie genres, scripting, story boarding, casting, shooting, editing and lots more in a fun and exciting way.

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World games & cultures

What did children from all around the world play before television and electronic games existed? Let’s have a great time of fun as we explore, make and play traditional games from different countries. At the same time, we will also meet new friends from other countries, learn new languages, and interesting facts about our cultures and ways of life.